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TRG Update (ie The Totally Casual Guild)

Well, this expansion has certainly gone a little different than most of us expected. I have had a few people ask me in game why our front page isn’t being updated with all sorts of new mythic kills…. Read More

7/7H: Emerald Nightmare clear

Full cleared in two nights. Off too a pretty smooth start! We’re looking for some top notch DPS┬áto join us for the real fun when Mythics start up next week. Check our recruitment forums or contact an officer… Read More

Countdown to Legion

With our second group finishing 13/13M we have achieved our goals for Warlords of Draenor and are now counting down the days to Legion. Our roster is looking stronger than ever but we are always on the lookout… Read More

13/13M: Archimonde down!

The technical difficulties boss was not kind to us, and the holidays boss kicked us when we were down, but I’m very proud of the team pulling through and putting a nice finish to another tier and another… Read More

12/13M: Mannoroth down!

Mannoroth… will be whole again!.. gj lads Hunter (Miises) POV ft. DJ Bjorsen