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4/7M: Mythic Tectus Down!

We dropped the mountain tonight pretty quickly after ironing out our strategy. Overall a fun fight and totally crazy at the end. A few of our druids managed to get some video of the kill! Guardian POV: Boomkin POV:

1/7M: Mythic Kargath Bladefist Down!

And so it is official, TRG has it’s first ever mythic kill under it’s belt and has graduated to 1/7M Highmaul. I wasn’t expecting to kill this tonight.  We had struggled a little more than I wanted on Heroic… Read More

14/14H: Heroic Garrosh Hellscream Down. Mists of Pandaria Clear!

Well here we are at the end of another expansion. Before I spend too much time talking about what a ride MoP has been for us, I will speak about this boss in particular: holy crap. If 5… Read More

13/14H: Heroic Paragons of the Klaxxi Down

13 down, 1 to go. Video (Hunter POV):   

12/14H: Heroic Siegecrafter Blackfuse Down!

This boss challenged us like few before have. It was an amazingly well designed fight that pushed our ability to strategize, execute, adapt, control, and pump out raw numbers. I’m really proud of the way everyone came together… Read More