Category: Cataclysm

Heroic Madness of Deathwing Down! Heroic Dragon Soul is clear!!

TRG finished it’s exploits in the Heroic Dragon Soul last night, going 8/8HM, defeating the Madness of Deathwing, and wrapping up this expansion. While the final battle was a bit anticlimactic, we still had a great time in the… Read More

7/8 Heroic Spine Defeated!

After the worst piggy back ride of our lives TRG is now 7/8 in heroic Dragon Soul! This was a fun fight that lived up to its reputation as the most challenging so far. We are excited to see what… Read More

Fangs of the Father!

Huge congrats to Warac on completing the guild first Fangs of the Father! It was a long process, but this we are excited to have another legendary in our arsenal against Deathwing! Fresh kills incoming!

6/8 Heroic Warmaster Blackhorn Down!

We were so close before the nerf, that it was an easy kill with it. Would have prefered to do it the other way, but we will take what we can get. Now we finally get to face… Read More

5/8 Heroic: Hagara Down

We continue to make progress in Heroic Dragon Soul, and catch up with the pack. Hagara died last night, much faster than I would have expected. I would like to declare Bheetom and Dingo the official MVPs of… Read More