Category: Raiding

5/13M: Mythic Kilrogg Deadeye Down

So this boss died a long time ago, but I have been a slacker getting this page updated (shocking I know). Momentum stays strong through the raid, even though Gorefiend is proving to be just as much of… Read More

4/13M: Mythic Hellfire High Council & Kormrok Down!

We are still killing bosses. And we are still recruiting for a couple more spots! Apply in the forums!   Mythic Hellfire High Council kill videos:

2/13M Mythic Iron Reaver Down (and Heroic Archi Too!)

This post came a little late, but last week we got both of these bosses down. Iron Reaver was a bit easier than everyone expected, and Archi was a bit harder…. either way they are both done now…. Read More

1/13M: Mythic Hellfire Assault Down!

Here we go again! We have officially started the new tier with our first Mythic kill. This one fell pretty quickly in a couple nights of work, but we can already tell this will be one of the… Read More

9/10M Mythic Blast Furnace Down

This one wasn’t easy, but in the end we overcame the second to last boss of the tier. A few roster shake ups and a few holidays made this one a bit trickier than we would have liked…… Read More

8/10M Mythic Iron Maidens & Cutting Edge Imperator Mar’gok Down

I know I have been a pretty big failure at updating this front page. Let me assure you that our progression hasn’t slowed, just the updates! We now have Mythic Iron Maidens on our list of defeated bosses… Read More

5/10M Blackrock Foundry: 3 Bosses in One Week!

If I worried at all that our progression had stalled, those fears were put to rest quickly this week. Taking advantage of a huge burst of momentum we downed three progression bosses this week: Hans’gar and Franzok, Flamebander… Read More

2/10M Blackrock Foundry: Mythic Oregorger & Beastlord Darmac Down

TRG has gained a foothold in Mythic Foundry downing both Oregorger and Darmac over the last couple weeks. The bosses are proving tough, but as always TRG is rising to the challenge. Both of these count as top… Read More

10/10H: Heroic Blackhand Down

We usually don’t bother posting about normal (err… Heroic!) boss kills on the front page. But this one felt a little different. After a few nights of hard work, we got this very technical boss down. It was… Read More

A little late… 6/7M Highmaul: Mythic Ko’ragh Down

Oh, right. We killed this one too. With all the excitement over BRF, I nearly forgot to post that we downed Ko’ragh and managed to have that one behind us before we had all these new bosses to… Read More