Category: Raiding

5/13M: Mythic Kilrogg Deadeye Down

So this boss died a long time ago, but I have been a slacker getting this page updated (shocking I know). Momentum stays strong through the raid, even though Gorefiend is proving to be just as much of… Read More

4/13M: Mythic Hellfire High Council & Kormrok Down!

We are still killing bosses. And we are still recruiting for a couple more spots! Apply in the forums!   Mythic Hellfire High Council kill videos:

2/13M Mythic Iron Reaver Down (and Heroic Archi Too!)

This post came a little late, but last week we got both of these bosses down. Iron Reaver was a bit easier than everyone expected, and Archi was a bit harder…. either way they are both done now…. Read More

1/13M: Mythic Hellfire Assault Down!

Here we go again! We have officially started the new tier with our first Mythic kill. This one fell pretty quickly in a couple nights of work, but we can already tell this will be one of the… Read More

9/10M Mythic Blast Furnace Down

This one wasn’t easy, but in the end we overcame the second to last boss of the tier. A few roster shake ups and a few holidays made this one a bit trickier than we would have liked…… Read More