8/13M: Shadow-Lord Iskar down

Really happy with how these last couple of weeks of progress, and from our brief time with Zakuun it looks like he will be joining the front page shortly. We’re still recruiting solid DPS, so if you’re a bad enough dude and you wanna join the progress train, apply on our forums or add me on battle net: Mediic#1535

In other news, rumors of the existence of a trinket dropped by Iskar are still unsubstantiated.

If you want a laugh, check out this image gallery of Iskar kill screenshots that I had a very hard time deciding between.

Hunter (Miises) POV

2 Comments on “8/13M: Shadow-Lord Iskar down

  1. You guys weren’t lying about killing all the bosses without me. So Happy to see you guys kicking ass!

    Lowly 5/13M Prot Pally LF carry by 8/13M guild PST. Congrats guys!

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