TRG Update (ie The Totally Casual Guild)

Well, this expansion has certainly gone a little different than most of us expected. I have had a few people ask me in game why our front page isn’t being updated with all sorts of new mythic kills. The answer may be a surprise to many, but it is simply that TRG is no longer raiding mythic content.

The next question I get is “well is the guild dead”?? The answer to that is a resounding NO. It’s true that our raid team has decided to call it quits, but TRG is still alive and well. What most people don’t realize is that TRG was a social guild long before we ever downed progression content, and with this expansion we have returned to those roots. We have always enjoyed a casual player base, and now we have the opportunity to focus on that base. There is almost a decade’s worth of casual players/retired raiders/friends that hold a fond place in their heart for TRG, and for that reason we know the guild isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. While certainly a bit quieter than it used to be, on any given night there are plenty of us leveling, gearing alts, and running mythic 5-man content for the pure joy of the game and playing together… without the pressure and drama that progression raiding brought us. TRG is a community, and while the prestigious raid ranks were always a bonus, it’s not what keeps everyone playing together. All in all, I think we are in a pretty good place.

That being said, while I expect this front page to stay pretty quiet for the foreseeable future. I would invite any players who want to hang with us to join us in game on on the TRG forums and kill a few more digital monsters. It has been great to see and play with all sorts of new friends and old that the expansion brought back. While many of our raid core has now joined other teams, most are staying in touch as I expected. The door is always open to guild mates past, present, and future! Looking forward to see you guys out there!


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