If you are interested in becoming a core raider please look this over and make sure you meet all of these qualifications. If you do not or are unwilling to change to meet these requirements you will save us all a lot of time by not applying:

You should be enthusiastic about raiding. This means you should be willing to spec for PvE, gather consumables for PvE, and tailor your gear choices towards PvE.

You must also bring a positive, competitive attidute to raids. This means you must be willing to do whatever it takes to help us beat an encounter. This can include wiping all night, allowing someone else to take your raid spot, or farming lower level encounters to gear other raiders.

Our current raid days are Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday – 9:00pm to 12:00am central (server) time. It will be expected that core raiders attend as many raids as possible, and failure to show up consistently will result in lose of rank. Once accepted you will be required to post in our AFK forum if you cannot attend a particular night and give enough notice that the raid leaders can plan accordingly.

Attendance will be tracked and core raiders must maintain 85% to keep their rank. During times of progression 100% attendance will be expected.

On that note we understand this is a game, and real life should always take priority. Stuff happens, but do what you can to keep us apprised.

All applicants are expected to have the best possible gear they can obtain in their power. We are looking for min-max players who would do whatever it takes to obtain any advantage. All enchants, gems, and professions are expected to give you the very highest advantage possible, despite the cost.

Once you are promoted to Core Raider your raiding spot will be secure and we will close recruitment for that specific class. However, if you continue to play poorly, or not care about raiding — we will talk to you privately and tell you to change the attitude or actions will be taken.