Totally Rad Guild Armory

The Totally Rad Guild is a raiding guild on the Executus-US server, alliance side. Established over four years ago, during early Burning Crusade, TRG has gone through a long evolution starting as a primarily social guild and changing over time to become a progression focused raiding guild.

Many of the members of TRG have been together since the beginning resulting in a strong raiding core that has lots of experience playing with each other.

We have several 10-man groups, some of which have earned achievements obtained by a very small portion of the country (Top 100 US), and our 25-man core in quickly growing to become one of the best of the server.

Though it all TRG has benefited from strong, mature leadership that has stayed involved since the guilds forming. TRG officers are all extremely active players that put lots of time and effort into making sure the guild is the best that it can be. They strive to have a friendly and fun atmosphere while attempting some of the hardest encounters available in the game.

For information on joining TRG please visit our recruitment page, or whisper a recruitment officer for more information.