Blood-Queen Lana’thel & Valithria Dreamwalker Defeated!

Great work! Again one of the first Alliance guilds on the server. Lets be ready for Sindragosa come Monday!

Study up for Sindragosa!

Putricide Terminated!

Good news everyone! The Totally Rad Guild has terminated the final boss in the Plagueworks wing! This took some work, but we pulled it out at the end of the night. We will face Blood Queen monday night, and hopefully use our remaining attempts to complete the Crimson Halls.

Combat Log


Good work everyone!

Princes down!

Great work everyone on getting the Princes down on our first night in the crimson halls. We’ll be facing Putricide again tonight, so be prepared!

Rotface & Festergut

After a great first night in ICC on Wednesday, we downed Festergut and Rotface. We are all very excited to complete 2/3 bosses within the fist night of them being available.

During our next day of raiding, we had some great progress on Prof. Putricide, with¬†high hopes for downing him soon. One of our 10 mans completed [Flu Shot Shortage] their first night, and were one of the first groups to do that in the world. Grats to them for their great work! As we progress further through ICC, I’ll continue to post our updates here. We’ll be updating the Videos page with each boss kill, so take a look! Great work so far everyone, and lets keep up our momentum!

Holiday Raids

We are coming up on two major holiday weeks, the week of Christmas and the week of New Years. With the current lack of progression content, and the fact that many of us have posted that they will be out, I think we should change our raid schedule to one night per week for the next two weeks. That should give us plenty of time to clear ICC and down a few bosses in ToGC, while providing an easy schedule for the holidays.

Our next raid will be Monday 12/28 and then again on 1/4. Everyone have a good break, and me ready to hit it hard when the gates open!