14/14N Garrosh Hellscream Down

Garrosh is dead. Tier 16 seems full of potential, but normal mode didn’t have much in the way of challenge. Our first tour through this instance included plenty of one shots, accidently 9-manning a boss while waiting for people to log on, and killing the Paragons without knowing what any of the abilities were beyond the first 3 bosses.

We are very excited to have normals down on week one, and being able to dive straight into heroics the same week they unlock. I think we will have plenty of challenge in front of us, as Garrosh showed us there is tons of potential for well balanced encounters in this instance (hopefully with a few less bugs that Garrosh showed us).

Stay tuned for heroic T16 updates!


13/13H: Ra-den Down, T15 Clear!

This fight was a bit more difficult than advertised, but ultimately died in one night with relative ease.

I could not be more pleased with the way this tier has worked out. We have completely cleared out T15 , getting the US 195th 10-man Ra-den kill and cementing our place among the top guilds on our new server. Not only that, but we did it with time to spare!

A few of these bosses pushed us pretty hard, but we stepped up to the challenge and got done. For the first time in a while have a few weeks to relax and recharge before the next tier and going after Garrosh Hellscream!

Our raid team remains strong, with our vets playing better than ever, and some new faces that have been stepping up tremendously.

See you guys in Orgrimmar, until then it’s whiskey and backrubs for us!




Caliber (Disc Priest) Perspective: http://www.twitch.tv/caliber88/c/2721428


12/13H: Lei Shen and Dark Animus Down!

After three intense weeks of serious progression raiding, we are proud to say we have come out the other end with both Heroic Dark Animus and Heroic Lei Shen down!

We heard these two bosses would be orders of magnitude harder than anything we had seen before or ToT, and were not disappointed. I’m really proud of the way everyone got on board with our plan to forgo farming, extend lockouts, and push HARD to get these bosses down. It appears our efforts paid off, and now the only boss left in the instance is considered an “optional” victory lap boss. Hopefully he goes down nice and easy, and we finish this tier strong!

Lei Shen:

ls Dark Animus:


For the record our Lei Shen kill was super clean, with not a single thing going wrong all the way to the end.lastman

Lei Shen Kill Videos:

Cailber (Disc Priest) Perspective: http://www.twitch.tv/caliber88/c/2715534

Kile (Warlock) Perspective:



10/13H: Durumu The Forgotten Down!

This is a fight that gave us much more trouble on normal than it ever did on heroic. After buckling in for a long battle, this guy died with a whimper on the first night of progression. Now the only thing that stands between us and the final boss(es) is Dark Animus. We’ve heard some things about this boss… so looking forward to seeing how things play out, and moving on to the two big baddies at the end of this instance!