9/10M Mythic Blast Furnace Down

This one wasn’t easy, but in the end we overcame the second to last boss of the tier. A few roster shake ups and a few holidays made this one a bit trickier than we would have liked… but in the end TRG did what it always does, got it done.

Now we start the race against the clock to see if we can takeout Blackhand before 6.2. While I think all of us would be super happy with our progression if the tier ended today, if there is a boss left to kill… well, we are going to try and kill it!


8/10M Mythic Iron Maidens & Cutting Edge Imperator Mar’gok Down

I know I have been a pretty big failure at updating this front page. Let me assure you that our progression hasn’t slowed, just the updates!

We now have Mythic Iron Maidens on our list of defeated bosses (the kill happened several weeks ago). We have a little extra time in our schedule so we decided to quickly knock down Imperator to put Highmaul to bed before focusing on the last two bosses of BRF.

We know these last two bosses are going to be insane, so we are really looking forward to seeing how progression goes!

imp maidens

5/10M Blackrock Foundry: 3 Bosses in One Week!

If I worried at all that our progression had stalled, those fears were put to rest quickly this week. Taking advantage of a huge burst of momentum we downed three progression bosses this week: Hans’gar and Franzok, Flamebander Ka’graz, and Gruul. I can’t remember the last time we had such a productive week, and I am hoping the trend continues as we see what challenges Kromog has in store for us!

hans and franz kill shot copy

flameb gruul

2/10M Blackrock Foundry: Mythic Oregorger & Beastlord Darmac Down

TRG has gained a foothold in Mythic Foundry downing both Oregorger and Darmac over the last couple weeks. The bosses are proving tough, but as always TRG is rising to the challenge.

Both of these count as top 300US kills. I never would have expected us to be ranking soon after our transition from 10-man. It just shows the quality of players in this group we put together that we are already succeeding at keeping up with everyone else on our short schedule. Can’t wait to see how the rest of the instance goes!



10/10H: Heroic Blackhand Down


We usually don’t bother posting about normal (err… Heroic!) boss kills on the front page. But this one felt a little different. After a few nights of hard work, we got this very technical boss down. It was a very fun exciting kill, and ended up ranking pretty high for us (Top 200 US). It felt like a mythic boss by the time we got it done.

We had some time to spare to see what mythic had in store, and I must say, I am very excited about this instance. The fights seem fun, original, and very challenging. Can’t wait to see how we do!

3/7M: Mythic Brackenspore Down


I want to complain about Blizzard scheduling progression during the holidays, but I can’t say it really tripped us up too bad.

We downed Mythic Brackenspore on the first night after a two week break from progression. Seems we got our cake, and got to eat it too. Now that the holidays are behind us and we can raid our full schedule again I expect the boss kills to come fast and furious! Tectus is on notice!