5/10M Blackrock Foundry: 3 Bosses in One Week!

If I worried at all that our progression had stalled, those fears were put to rest quickly this week. Taking advantage of a huge burst of momentum we downed three progression bosses this week: Hans’gar and Franzok, Flamebander Ka’graz, and Gruul. I can’t remember the last time we had such a productive week, and I am hoping the trend continues as we see what challenges Kromog has in store for us!

hans and franz kill shot copy

flameb gruul

2/10M Blackrock Foundry: Mythic Oregorger & Beastlord Darmac Down

TRG has gained a foothold in Mythic Foundry downing both Oregorger and Darmac over the last couple weeks. The bosses are proving tough, but as always TRG is rising to the challenge.

Both of these count as top 300US kills. I never would have expected us to be ranking soon after our transition from 10-man. It just shows the quality of players in this group we put together that we are already succeeding at keeping up with everyone else on our short schedule. Can’t wait to see how the rest of the instance goes!



10/10H: Heroic Blackhand Down


We usually don’t bother posting about normal (err… Heroic!) boss kills on the front page. But this one felt a little different. After a few nights of hard work, we got this very technical boss down. It was a very fun exciting kill, and ended up ranking pretty high for us (Top 200 US). It felt like a mythic boss by the time we got it done.

We had some time to spare to see what mythic had in store, and I must say, I am very excited about this instance. The fights seem fun, original, and very challenging. Can’t wait to see how we do!

3/7M: Mythic Brackenspore Down


I want to complain about Blizzard scheduling progression during the holidays, but I can’t say it really tripped us up too bad.

We downed Mythic Brackenspore on the first night after a two week break from progression. Seems we got our cake, and got to eat it too. Now that the holidays are behind us and we can raid our full schedule again I expect the boss kills to come fast and furious! Tectus is on notice!

1/7M: Mythic Kargath Bladefist Down!


And so it is official, TRG has it’s first ever mythic kill under it’s belt and has graduated to 1/7M Highmaul.

I wasn’t expecting to kill this tonight.  We had struggled a little more than I wanted on Heroic Imperator, and didn’t think Kargath would take less than an hour of attempts. I found this fight to be very fun, a little chaotic, but ultimately not very challenging. I will say our team absolutely clicked on the last couple attempts and we dropped him with no problem.

While I am proud of our performance on this boss, I’d be lying if I said that it was the takeaway here. This kill is significant… perhaps the most significant in TRGs long history. It is significant because it means WE DID IT.

I will never forget sitting in the audience at 2013 Blizzcon and hearing Blizzard announce the changes to raiding in the upcoming expansion. “The hardest tier of raiding in Warlords will be called Mythic, and it is only available in 20-man raid size.”

As the GM of a successful 10-man heroic raid team, my heart dropped.

20-man only?! Could that be right? What does it mean for TRG? For me? The whirlwind of thought that were flying through my head that weekend was crazy. I loved our 10-man guild, I loved 10-man heroic raiding. What were we to do? I knew if we wanted to remain relevant we would have to raid mythic, which meant we would have to DOUBLE our roster size. And it wasn’t about just getting 10 more warm bodies, they had to be good, we had to be able to compete, and they had to fit into our tight-knit family that we already had established. Could we do it? Should we even try?

It was overwhelming.

After the shock wore off, and after a lot of soul searching and discussion with our team, it became clear. We had to do it. It was time to get to work.

While most guilds got to relax the last year of SoO and enjoy having all content dead, the work had just started for us. We started recruiting, and trialing new members, rejecting many and keeping a few. Slowly our 10-man roster grew to a 12-man, then 15. Long established raiders sat on the bench for weeks. For the first time ever we raided almost our full schedule outside of progression.

But we did it, we got our roster north of 20. Hit a few speed bumps at the last minute, made another huge push, then raided like crazy the last 2 weeks… and here we are. WoD’s first mythic boss is dead at the hands of TRG.

Totally Rad Guild is now officially a 20-man Mythic raiding guild. I’d be lying if I said it was going to be downhill from here. T17 still has all the potential to be our most challenging yet… but I am completely confident that the group of guys calling themselves the TRG core raiders are up to the task. We are in the game now.

Thanks everyone (new, old, and retired) who worked so hard over the last year to make this completely insignificant boss, one of the most significant in our guilds history. Looking forward to the next boss!

– Bast