12/14H: Heroic Siegecrafter Blackfuse Down!

This boss challenged us like few before have. It was an amazingly well designed fight that pushed our ability to strategize, execute, adapt, control, and pump out raw numbers. I’m really proud of the way everyone came together and stuck through the little over 200 wipes it took to get this guy down.

We had to try every combination of positioning and comp imaginable, went back to the drawing board on strat somewhere in the wipe 120 range, before deciding we had it right the first time. I’m just glad we found something that worked, and were able to perform well enough to get it down.

Overall it was a US 78 kill that brought us up to #3 10-man on the server. We certainly have momentum on our sides, and it feels great to see our name moving up that WoWProgress server list. We can’t wait to see what the Paragons have in store for us!

scbfWarlock POV: 

Hunter POV (Super Clean Belts): 


11/14H: Heroic Thok The Bloodthirsty Down!

Based on server progression, we thought this boss would take us a lot longer than it did. After missing a few raids due to Blizzcon and some other oddities we got right back into the swing of things killing this boss after a relatively few attempts. This kill put us closer to where we want to be on the server rankings and a got us a respectable 129 US kill.

Overall the first 3/4 of this instance have been nicely paced and we are quite pleased with the way we are moving through it. We are well aware that the hard stuff lies ahead and are looking forward to getting some pulls on the very tough fights that lie ahead. Siegecrafter has earned himself quite a reputation, and we can’t wait to take him down!


Video (Warlock POV)


14/14N Garrosh Hellscream Down

Garrosh is dead. Tier 16 seems full of potential, but normal mode didn’t have much in the way of challenge. Our first tour through this instance included plenty of one shots, accidently 9-manning a boss while waiting for people to log on, and killing the Paragons without knowing what any of the abilities were beyond the first 3 bosses.

We are very excited to have normals down on week one, and being able to dive straight into heroics the same week they unlock. I think we will have plenty of challenge in front of us, as Garrosh showed us there is tons of potential for well balanced encounters in this instance (hopefully with a few less bugs that Garrosh showed us).

Stay tuned for heroic T16 updates!