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11/13M: Xhul’horac keelhauled

He be dead. Hunter (Miises) POV

10/13M: Tyrant Velhari died

Shout out to the massive troll at Blizzard who came up with the hitboxes for this boss. Well meme’d sir. Very happy with our guilds rapid improvement lately and we’re still looking for a couple of excellent casters to… Read More

9/13M: Zakuuuuuun dead

Loot piñata’s are all taken care of, time for the big boy bosses. We’re recruiting mages. If you play a mage, and you’re good at video games, and you want to join a guild to have fun and kill… Read More

8/13M: Shadow-Lord Iskar down

Really happy with how these last couple of weeks of progress, and from our brief time with Zakuun it looks like he will be joining the front page shortly. We’re still recruiting solid DPS, so if you’re a bad… Read More

7/13M: Socrethar down

[Glyph of Solace] Hunter (Miises) POV