13/13M: Archimonde down!


The technical difficulties boss was not kind to us, and the holidays boss kicked us when we were down, but I’m very proud of the team pulling through and putting a nice finish to another tier and another expansion. I’d like to thank everyone that has been with us over the course of the expansion and those officers that have helped us keep the guild running, kicking ass as taking names.

Finally I’d like to extend a massive thanks to glorious leader Bastosa! For those out of the loop, Bast is hanging up his raiding boots and joining the TRG Retirement Home. Ever since I joined TRG in early WotLK Bast has been a unifying force, always putting in the work and keeping our raids positive and productive. It won’t be the same without him but I will do my best to channel the spirit of Steven K. Bastosa and continue to improve the guild in Legion and beyond.

/salute o7

We’re recruiting!

Hunter (Miises), Rogue (Kidlee), Mage (Xealouz) POV:

10/13M: Tyrant Velhari died

Shout out to the massive troll at Blizzard who came up with the hitboxes for this boss. Well meme’d sir.

Very happy with our guilds rapid improvement lately and we’re still looking for a couple of excellent casters to join our roster. If you like the cut of our jib, get in touch on our forums or in game.


Hunter (Miises) POV:

9/13M: Zakuuuuuun dead

Loot piñata’s are all taken care of, time for the big boy bosses.

We’re recruiting mages. If you play a mage, and you’re good at video games, and you want to join a guild to have fun and kill bosses you should get in touch with us.

Hunter (Capt. Dan) POV – Warning: May contain traces of dank memes

8/13M: Shadow-Lord Iskar down

Really happy with how these last couple of weeks of progress, and from our brief time with Zakuun it looks like he will be joining the front page shortly. We’re still recruiting solid DPS, so if you’re a bad enough dude and you wanna join the progress train, apply on our forums or add me on battle net: Mediic#1535

In other news, rumors of the existence of a trinket dropped by Iskar are still unsubstantiated.

If you want a laugh, check out this image gallery of Iskar kill screenshots that I had a very hard time deciding between.

Hunter (Miises) POV

6/13M: Mythic Gorefiend down!

Woo, we got him! This was certainly a tricky boss, requiring a very different mentality to most, but it came together in the end. This opens up some relatively easy bosses, which we fully expect to have dead in the following week(s) so let the free loot flowwww

Socrethar, Iskar and Zakuun – we comin for you…

PS. We’re recruiting DPS! Add Mediic#1535 if you’d like to chat.


Warlock (Kile) POV:

5/13M: Mythic Kilrogg Deadeye Down

So this boss died a long time ago, but I have been a slacker getting this page updated (shocking I know). Momentum stays strong through the raid, even though Gorefiend is proving to be just as much of a wall as everyone said he would be. That being said progress is strong and I expect that kill soon!

We are still in a major recruiting push and have 2 DPS spots open for anyone looking to join our ranks! Please app on the forums!